What are My.Matrix Soccer Drills?

Developing the Footballer

‘My.Matrix Soccer Drills’ are an online archive of football drills primarily aimed at young players up to the age of 16.

The Matrix drills are a paradigm shift in how footballers can and should be developed. It is a system based around thousands of carefully designed technical drills using real game scenarios in a high contextual, peer-led environment that is proven to develop superior footballing skills.

Charlie Jackson, founder of Matrix soccer Academy has created a proven coaching method which has developed young hopeful footballers into professional players.

Charlie Jackson is the current skills development coach at Manchester City and Moorland School. Charlie has previously coached at Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, the Scottish FA and is a UEFA qualified coach

Information and Video

The Drill in Action

Each drill is related to a style of play from a specific player or team. We first give the background information which relates to the drill. In this example we relate the drill to the skillful pass-and-move style of the Barcelona Team.

The video then gives a clear example of the passage of play. The video can be accessed via your personal login page and can be viewed on desktop, tablet and phone.

We also give the option to access the video by using the popular Aurasma App. If you print the document to take onto the pitch you can simply use the Aurasma App to point your tablet or phone at the image to view the complete video.


Step-by-Step Drill Phases

How to Execute the Drill

The layout of the drill is displayed clearly on the document.

The equipment and amount of players may differ from drill to drill. The equipment required is displayed alongside a visual layout of the drill and the players are colour coded to help explain the routine of the drill.

Each drill is broken-down into ‘phases’. The players benefit from learning each phase individually, then all the phases are combined to learn the complete drill. The phases relate directly to the statistics of the drill.

Difficulty Level

Breakdown of Workrate

The overall difficulty of the drill is visually represented by a combination of physical, mental and ability levels. Each drill differs in these 3 areas.

We assess the difficulty levels of each area by taking the opinions of the footballers who have tried the drill and understanding the physical demands of the drill. We consider attributes such as the overall workout, speed of thought, distance covered and tricks attempted.

We are then able to give a direct comparison with other drills and this enables you to choose the correct drill for your footballers.

360° Video

Virtual Reality

Coming soon we will have a 360° Video of the drill.

The video will be taken from a key location. You can then either move the camera angle yourself on the video or wear a Virtual Reality headset to immerse yourself within the drill.

Your footballers can wear a VR headset to see the drill in close action before replicating it themselves.

All you would require is a headset similar to those available ‘here‘ and a normal phone which fits the headset.

Player Profile

Stats from a Player

We choose a specific player to analyse and present their statistics through the drill.

Here we display the physical characteristics of our chosen footballer such as age, height and weight.

We also offer a blank template of this information which can be used by coaches to record specific values and generate reports for their footballers.

Heart Rate Monitor

How to Execute the Drill

Using a heart-rate monitor we simply plot the ‘beats per minute’ at regular intervals throughout the drill.

This is displayed on our document to give an example of the exercise intensity.

On our blank drill template you can plot this data for your specific player.

By plotting the players heart-rate on the same template in the future, you could assess the improvement of their fitness.

Drill Statistics

Passes, Skills and Distance

We breakdown the drill further by displaying the step amount and distance travelled by the player during the drill.

We also display other constant statistics such as the amount of passes and tricks completed within each phase.

These constant statistics are included within the printable template if you wish to use this to keep a player record.

We also give an estimate to the amount of calories burnt during the drill. This is of course using the biometrics of our example footballer.

The Matrix 6

The 6 A’s

To document how well the player has performed during the drill we use a combination of attributes referred to as the ‘Matrix 6’.

The ‘Matrix 6’ looks at these key elements: Attitude, Ability, Awareness, Agility, Attack and Achieve.

Each of these elements is given a score out of 10 which is plotted on the diagram.

The area within the diagram gives a good pictorial view of how well the player has performed the drill.