The Matrix Mites

Age 3 - 6 Clitheroe, 9am every Saturday

Matrix Mites is a foundation coaching program based on the world renowned Matrix Soccer Academy coaching method.

The program is designed to develop basic motor skills and creativity on the ball for all abilities.

The Matrix Mites was set up in 2018 as a perfect football platform for children aged 3 to 6. Giving a first taste of structured football training and utilising the ethos of ‘The Matrix 6‘.

Since the very beginning it has been incredible! With small groups of 10 children the program has thrived. At Matrix Mites we have created a superb balance,  squeezing out footballing potential whilst making a fun and creative environment.

As the children develop we assess their development and push them technically and tactically.

When the children are ready, we move them into one of our elite groups. The development process intensifies and the children progress with like minded peers.

Many of the Mites which move into the Elite groups have been asked by Professional Academies to train with them as part of their programmes.

With all this being said our emphasis is to create a learning and challenging environment, whilst making it fun to learn and enjoying the beautiful game.

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Research Based

The Matrix Program has been enhanced through years of research. It not only develops football skills but also enhances memory and creating thinking.

Head Start

Matrix Mites is a head start program that moulds young minds, developing motor skills and pattern recognition while maximising creative skill and personal development.








The Ethos Matrix 6 - The Components to Success

Within the Matrix technical coaching model, there are six components or building blocks that we regard as essential for producing skillful players.Known as the ‘Matrix 6’ the components comprise of; Attitude, Ability, Awareness, Agility, Attack and Achieve.

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