Maryland State Cup Champions 2021

I am so incredibly proud of these young men. We said at the start of this season – being undersized, young, and going 11v11 for the first time will be challenging. Stick to what we do, continue to improve each day, and keep your eye on the long term goal. We exceeded all expectations. We proved playing the Matrix Way – out of the back, on the floor, through the midfield – will develop superior footballers. Oh, and btw, you might just win some too!Coming from the little Eastern Shore, winning the Maryland State Cup and going undefeated in the East Regional Championships proves we can compete with anyone.We are building a culture at Matrix through a system created by Charlie Jackson where you not only learn to play this beautiful game well, but become part of something that transcends sport. Players will continue to leave for what they believe are greener pastures that provide them better opportunities to play at the highest levels. Nothing could be further from the truth. Come to us young, ignore the haters, stay the course long term, and the fruits of your labor are nearly guaranteed. As Charlie always says, it’s a journey with a proven path to success.Want to be a part of something special? If this group and the others with us complete the journey they’ll not only build friendships that will last a lifetime, they will continue to shock anyone that stands in their way.

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